About us

The Albanian Music Council is a professional organization in the field of music, cultural intangible heritage, and the musical education, established in 1991 in Albania, following the fall of communism. Through the high standards for the implementation of the national and international projects, the Albanian Music Council has become a competent authority and institution for advise and expertise on the policies and the strategies for the development of the arts and the cultural heritage, for the undertaking and the implementation of the national and international projects in this field, as well as the a more important role of the culture and arts with regard to a sustainable progress and development of the society. Through its reputable members (see: www.vasiltole.com), the Council has shown its capability to carry out its tasks and to achieve its goals, as set in the projects, such as the following:

1. "The Albanian Intangible Heritage on CD-2003" UNESCO-Albanian Music Council
2. "Encyclopaedia of Albanian Folk Iso-Polyphony, 2007"-USA- Albanian Music Council
3. "Safeguarding Albanian Folk Iso-Polyphony, 2007-2010"-UNESCO-Albanian Music Council ect.